Current Members

Name Degree Research Email
Dr. Myroslava Khomik Post Doctoral Fellow & McMasterClimate CentreCoordinator Carbon and water fluxes in temperate plantation forests
Shawn Mackenzie Shawn McKenzie Post Doctoral Fellow Historic analysis of carbon uptake in conifer and deciduous forests
Robin thorne Robin Thorne Ph.D. Impact of winter processes on forest carbon and water budgets
Katelynn Daly Katelynn Daly M.Sc. Soil CO2emission studies in a temperate deciduous forest in southern Ontario
Felix Chan Felix Chan M.Sc. Carbon and water fluxes in a recently planted temperate pine forests in Ontario
Jung Lee Jung Lee M.Sc. Economic analysis of conifer afforestation and carbon sequestration in Canada
Rachel Skubel Rachel Skubel M.Sc. Carbon and water fluxes in nage sequence of temperate forests in southern Ontario
no_image Benjamin Windeler B.Sc. Thesis Improving carbon, water and nutrient cycling processes of CLASS-CTEM model

Former Postdoctoral Fellow and Graduate Members

Post Doctoral fellows

Name Location Duration Research
Dr. Tara Razavi McMaster University Oct 2014 – Mar 2015 Downscaling of future climate scenario data for hydrologic modeling in Hamilton region
Dr. Jagadeesh Yeluripati Aberdeen University, UK Oct 2005 –Jan 2007 Historic carbon cycle studies at catchment scales
Dr. Fengming Yuan Oakridge National Laboratory, TN. USA Aug 2003 – Jan 2007 Developing a carbon and nitrogen cycle models for Canadian GCM
Dr. Polasam Rao UCAR, Princeton, NJ. USA Jun 2003 – Apr 2005 Up-scaling carbon fluxes from stand to region
Dr. Muhammad Shaikh Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA, USA Sept 2002 – Aug 2004 (Part- time since Jan 2003) NCAR CAM2 general circulation model simulations and coupling Carbon-Canadian Land Surface Scheme to CAM2
Dr. Zav Kothavala Universite of Quebec at Montreal Sept 2001 – Oct 2003 Developing and testing ofCarbon-Canadian Land Surface Scheme

Ph.D. Students

Name Degree Graduation Year Research
Suo Huang Ph.D. 2014 N cycle modelling using CTEM +N model
Jason Brodeur Ph.D. 2013 Uncertainty analysis of forest carbon fluxes
Bin Chen Ph.D. 2012 National and catchment scale carbon cycle modelling using CN-CLASS model
Samantha MacKay Ph.D. 2011 Drought impact on annual carbon and water budget in a forest
Matthias Peichl Ph.D. 2009 NO2, CH4and CO2 exchanges in a Pine plantation chronosequence
Myroslava Khomik Ph.D. 2009 Photosynthetic and soil CO2 processes in boreal and temperate forests
Natalia Restrepo Ph.D 2006 CO2 and H2O fluxes from plantation forests
Mahmoud Pejam Ph.D. 2006 CO2 and H2O fluxes in mixed wood forests
Shuhua Yi Ph.D. 2006 Investigating soil freeze and thaw processes

Masters Students

Name Degree Graduation Year Research
Michelle Kula M.Sc. 2013 Evaluating ecosystem biomass in forests using biometric techniques
Janelle Trant M.Sc. 2013 Impact of partial thinning on growth of a pine forest
Antana Parsaud M.Sc. 2013 Carbon cycling in a deciduous forest in Ontario
Reham Khader M.Sc. 2013 Water balance of a deciduous forest in Ontario
Michelle Molon M.Sc. 2012 Studying groundwater dynamics in a forest using geophysical techniques
Emily Nicholas M.Sc. 2011 Drought impacts on Soil CO2 efflux in a forest
Samantha MacKay M.Sc. 2010 Drought effects of forest growth
Suo Huang M.Sc. 2009 Stand scale water and carbon cycle modelling using C-TEM model
Joshua McLaren M.Sc. 2007 Atmospheric and soil water limitations on water flux components in a temperate forest
Rose Blair M.Sc. 2006 Air pollution in the urban settings
Matthias Peichl M.Sc. 2005 Carbon stocks in a chronosequence of temperate conifer stands
Myroslava Khomik M.Sc. 2004 Soil CO2emissions fromtemperate and boreal forests

Undergraduate Students Thesis Supervision

Name Degree Year Research
Jung Lee B.Sc. Thesis 2014 Water use efficacy in different age in temperate forests
Brandon Burns B.Sc. Thesis 2014 Carbon dynamic of a 12-year old plantation forest.
Ateeq Ahmed B.Sc. Thesis 2013 Soil water balance of a deciduous forest
Stephanie Fraser B.Sc. Thesis 2012 Nutrient cycling in forests
Jaclyn Hill B.Sc. Thesis 2012 Forest sapflow study
Joanna Woof B.Sc. Thesis 2011 Dynamics of air pollutants in southern Ontario
Madeline Martin B.Sc.Thesis 2011 Soil CO2flux dynamics in a temperate pine forest
Michelle Blake Review paper 2010 Thinning techniques to enhance carbon uptake by forests
Laura Wheeland B.Sc. Thesis 2009 Forest Management and its Application for Carbon Crediting in Canada
Emily Nicholas B.Sc. Thesis 2008 Soil CO2fluxes in a forest
Cassandra Banting B.Sc. Thesis 2008 Lake breeze and urban heat island effects on air pollution
Brian Silveria B.Sc. Thesis 2008 Ground water studies in Lake Erie BIG catchment
Jane Assini B.Sc. Thesis 2007 Water balance of three Ontario forests
Samantha MacKay B.Sc. Thesis 2007 Carbon exchanges in eastern and western conifer forests
Elaine Lucko B.Sc. Thesis 2005 Transpiration in a mature pine forest
Mark Francisco B.Sc. Thesis 2005 Testing CLASS model over grass lands
Sven D'Souza B.Sc. Thesis 2005 Spatial distribution of fine root biomass in a mature pine forest.
Jason Brodeur B.Sc. Thesis 2003 Characteristics of carbon fluxes in a planted seedlings
Joel von Popta B.Sc. Thesis 2003 Carbon and water exchanges over a young conifer forest
Jackie Young B.Sc. Thesis 2002 Net Primary Productivity in white pine forests

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